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Anechoic chamber is available for Over The Air Test per CTIA, WiFi and WiMAX RPT Test. Also it is available for antenna pattern measurement for design and development. It’s important to RF shielding, absorbing material, absorber layout, precision mechanical alignment and positioner accuracy, when anechoic chamber is designed and installed. MTG can provide the design and construction of anechoic chamber for customer requirements. MTG has a series of positioners, microwave transmit and receive instruments and measurement data acquisition and analysis software. We have the experience to offer anechoic chamber of any size; from the smallest unit for simple RF test to the largest and most complex custom-build for a research and development laboratory.

MPAMS Series
Model SSR-M01 SSR-M03 SSR-M07 SSR-M09 SSR-M11
Type Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Tapered
Frequency Range 0.7GHz~6GHz 0.7GHz~6GHz 0.7GHz~6GHz 0.4GHz~6GHz 170MHz~6GHz
Shielding Effectiveness 400MHz~3GHz 80dB MIL-STD-285 400MHz~3GHz 100dB MIL-STD-285 400MHz~3GHz 100dB MIL-STD-285 400MHz~3GHz 100dB MIL-STD-285 170MHz~3GHz 100dB MIL-STD-285
Quiet-Zone Ripple Test According to CTIA OTA Test Plan @836MHz, 1880MHz